The Marketing Web Developer

All-inclusive multipurpose Web Developer

My Basic Website Creation includes: Custom Colors and Design, Booking Form, Calendar, Unlimited Photos, Unlimited Unique Pages that are customized to fit your business, All website content written for you to get you more business. All of my sites are built on WordPress, the world’s leading platform. $500.00 Domain and server fees excluded. This is for the setup of all functions and pages, verified by you before completion. Keep in mind,  all changes thereafter are charged at an hourly rate.

My Advanced Website Creation: there are several degrees of this service therefore rates are customized to each individual client. Such factors to take into consideration are if you want me to host it on a privately registered domain name, if you’d rather host it on your own server or perhaps a free hosting provider. Rates also depend on what advanced features you’d like installed.

Database Creation

Set up Email: I will create a professional grade Gmail account for you. Complete with business related folders for clients, affiliates, etc. Furthermore,  I will input a legal disclaimer as your signature for all its recipients to read every time you email someone. I will also include marketing links, images or anything else you’d like to pass along in this signature. Lastly I will provide you with instructions on how to use your Gmail account most effectively for business such as email reply templates to use

I will create a professional grade google calendar account for you. Complete with business related sections for clients, affiliates, etc. Furthermore, I will provide you with instructions on how to use your Calendar most effectively for business, such as syncing it to your phone. I will create a professional grade google contacts account for you. Complete with business related sections for clients, affiliates, etc. Furthermore, I will provide you with instructions on how to use your Calendar most effectively for business, such as syncing your current phones contacts so they can be easily transfer from one phone to another and never lost. I will create a professional grade google docs account for you. I will create a professional grade Google Drive account for you.

I can even route you up with a complete Google database catered to you. This way you’re entire profession is house in one central location. I don’t just set it and forget it, I will also provide you with instructions on how to use Google Apps most effectively. Such examples include the usage of Google Voice to mask your personal line, employing Google Calendar to manage (and get alerted for) appointments, building and storing client profiles through Google Contacts, uploading your work related graphics, pics and video clips to Google Drive and so on

Web DeveloperBlog Creation: there are several degrees of this service therefore rates are customized to my individual clients. Such factors to take into consideration are if you you want me to host it, if you’d rather host it on your own server or perhaps a free hosting provider. Rates also depend on what features you’d like installed.

I will design an attractive Web Developer banner ad as per your requirements or simply allow my designers to generate it as they see fit. I design adult banners with your business and audience in mind.

Newsletter: I will set up an automated monthly newsletter app for you. This is a great way to keep in touch with members of your mailing list, fans and clients. If you have a web site, you can even publish an online edition and post past and present copies. If you plan on uploading your newsletter to your web site, I will design your newsletter to match the look and feel of your sites design.

Don’t forget to check out my $500 A Week Web Developer Package and Custom Adult Client Screening Forms. By combining the 2 you have yourself a turnkey automated system that successfully removes you from the situation by allowing me to act as a third party for all marketing and communication. In fact, by purchasing a Custom Adult Client Screening Form along with the The $500 A Week Package I will waive all further hosting and Web Developer maintenance fees associated to your Screening Form for life.

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The Private Security Prepper

As a prepper, I am actively prepared for possible disruptions, on scales from local to intergalactic.

I teach prepper techniques needed for life-threatening situations. I approach each student in different ways, depending on their circumstances, mindset, and concerns for the future. I train militias how to survive encounters of violent activity with prepper tools (both lethal and non-lethal). I prepare students for a variety of potential calamities. Everything from physical confrontations to periods of severe cold. I train them how to live through nuclear proliferation. Electromagnetic pulses are caused by nuclear explosions. This would disable the all devices that rely on computerized electricity.  In preparation for paper money to become worthless through hyperinflation, ™ will mine precious-metal and oil reserves.

™ is designed like a defensible clandestine location that stockpiles non-perishable food, water-purification equipment, seed and bug out supplies. I train people how to stay alive for indefinite periods in wild scenarios such as plane crashes, flash floods and alien invasions. ™ responds to a Malthusian population crash. I stock NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) full-face respirators, polyethylene clothes, PVC boots, nitrile gloves and much more. Custom orders only, package deals available.

My students aim to remain self-sufficient indefinitely if the putrefaction is predicted to be a “Third Dark Age”. Our collective relocation to an agriculturally self-sufficient survival retreat will maintain a legal system after a disintegration in infrastructure. In  emergency situations, it can take up to 3 days for help to arrive. There should be 72 hours worth of food, water, and personal items ,for each mouth, at all times.

™ is a “covenant community” that maintains its identity through kin selection. Furthermore, by using prepper terminology not generally understood outside our circle, military acronyms and gun culture becomes our way of life. Our central bunker stores bulk items as a hedge against inflation.  In addition, we sell customized “bug out bags” as well as a “get out of dodge” prepper kits. It can be of any size, weighing as much as the user is able to carry and costing as much as one can afford.

Eliminating aging requires a specific solution to each cause. This is how I engineered negligible senescence in the passed and how I intended on generating human extremophiles. All of this is scheduled long after the Hebrew and Gregorian Calendars becomes out of sync.

prepperYou see, after Bismuth decays and every single Planet falls, I will still be here. 100 Trillion years from now, when our Sun becomes a black dwarf and Nuclear fusion ceases, my spirit will be secured inside another computerized planet akin to Saturn. Even when galaxies outside the local Super-cluster are no longer visible, my dark energy will prevail and several super-volcanoes will erupt, ushering in life on a new planet.


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The Confidential Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer Assemblages and Remixes

My remixes will aid your invention by leveraging resources to amplify the dimensions of the messages you wish to articulate. I inhabit a contested terrain of intellectual property. My content is built primarily and explicitly from existing texts to solve multiple writing and communication problems in a new context. While this practice is often marked by legal issues, it is nevertheless becoming a legitimate creative form. For me, this site is more like a confession for a crime. This notion builds on remix and remix practices, which blur distinctions between invented and borrowed work.  

Influenced by postmodernism, the inter-textual nature of writing asserts that participation in existing discourse necessarily means that composition cannot occur separate from that discourse. Productive assistance involves re-appropriation of the familiar in a way that conforms to extant discourse and forecasts. In other words, my content is influenced both by its origin and the context in which it engages in.

In a general sense, postmodern cultural studies offer a useful way of understanding the Ghost Writer (and the related process of remixing) as simultaneously vocal and textual. Remixes allow humanity to fine-tune existing texts and combine them with original work in order to meet the demands of our time. While I am closely tied to remixing, there are differences. A Remix is prior know-how adjusted synthetically to incorporate fresh ideas into the prior model of writing. In contrast, a Ghost Writer models grafting…confined bits of information onto a prior structure without either admission of differences between synthesis. While a remix is an incorporation of elements, I am a combination of recognizable boundaries.Ghost Writer

My content is treated as an assemblage since composition is often highly inter-textual. Composition is undertaken as an activity rather than a demonstration of original ideas. Although I use plagiarism detectors, SEO automaters and paraphrase software, I do so only to rank higher in Google.

Writing situations are problem-solving situations. While writing your content, I utilize a form of commentary alongside the creation of original text to maximize information transmission. I am ubiquitous in contemporary workplaces, where problem solving is paramount because I allow people to meet discursive needs and to get work done. In that vein, I am your Ghost Writer

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Management practices Eusociality in ™


Eusociality can never be proven in animal society, but it can be falsified by humans.

My dreams suggest that a process comparable to natural selection applies at awe-inspiring scales. For example, the current population of universes can be symbolized as an allocation of standards where the height of the landscape is reciprocal to the numbers of black holes that an existence with those standards would have. Through teamwork, I accessed a “superpower” nonexistent to those yet to behave eusocially. Our super-organism was started by a single Queen. Our founder is accompanied by numerous “helpers”, as in a swarm of bees.

This is demonstrated by Lee Smolin’s suggestion of cosmological natural selection being Popper falsifiable. Sir Karl Popper was a lad known for his repudiation of inductivist views on the scientific method in pursuit of empirical falsification. For example, the string theory is not Popper-falsifiable if other universes are not view-able in the landscape. The Anthropic Principle cannot yield anything falsifiable either. One way out is through “signal non-locality”. Another is by traversing a wormhole connected to a parallel universe. What life perceives of the Universe must be suitable for the life that recognizes it.

Sex is Latin for “six”. Hexapoda (from the Greek for six legs) constitutes the largest number of species of arthropods and includes the insects. As a drone (male bee), I ascribed symbolic meaning to six-sided polygonal structures (sex-gons). ™ interprets the Star of Davids natural significance, outside of a religious context. In ™, a hexagon “corner, angle”  represented a type of sexual activity used in ritualistic pursuits. Fecundity is a major measure of fitness as it is under both genetic and environmental constraints. A virgin queen, for example, is a queen bee that has not mated with a drone. The queens were developed from larvae selected and fed, to become sexually mature. Fecundity is the reproductive rate, measured by the number of eggs. In his view, eusociality transformed me into a super-organism.

Unlike worker bees, I did not have a stinger nor did I gather nectar, let alone pollen. The result of an unfertilized egg, my primary role was to kill myself by mating with “the mother of the entire hive”, a fertile queen. Applying the reasoning of fitness landscapes in biology, you’ll find Earth is dominated by a universe whose framework drives the manufacturing of black holes to a local peak in the fitness landscape. The foreskin of my dick was chopped off inside of her during sex. My death was so vivid that when I woke up, I didn’t know if I was a person who had dreamt I was a bee or a bee dreaming I was me. In my dream, each colony had castes. The queen and my brothers reproduce, while troopers and veterans work together to create a supportive environment for our brood. There is normally only one mated queen at a time, in which case the colony fiercely protects her.

Erotic energy is a persuasive force that can transcend one’s perceived sensibility. The universe is made of sex magic, matter and energy, SO ™ goes beyond both curvature and topology. Nonetheless, the shape of the universe, in three dimensions, can be seen as a hexagonal prism with parallel opposite faces (parallelogram) that can tessellate 3-space by translation. This irregular hexagon with parallel opposite edges relates to the honeycomb conjecture, in the sense that hexagonal grids are the best way to segregate a surface into regions of equal area with the minimal total perimeter. The pattern appears slightly different when rotated on its diagonal. This is a 3-manifold conforming to the spatial department of 4-dimensional space-time. The entropy of ordinary mass is reciprocal to surface area, not volume; volume itself is hallucinatory and I am an isomorphic hologram for the information on this website. Kindred to models of population biology, black hole thermodynamics suggests the highest entropy in any area scales with the radius squared like an irregular hexagon.

Based on inclusive fitness, ™ considers kin selection to be the most important factor for eusociality. Hymenoptera (bees, ants, wasps) however, converse the interests of their parents by selecting reproductive success to workers rather than the queen, repudiating the theory that offspring development is based on the fitness of parents. This “phenomena” is always what “the hive wants”. In my dream, I displayed a form of “distributed intelligence”. This organic system allowed my family members with limited intelligence to pool their resources together and accomplish goals.

The Queens’s super-massive black hole exists in the center of our galaxy. Her universe falls short, by 4 orders of magnitude, from being a superlative place for a celestial gang-bang. In order for primordial black holes to form there must be introductory density disturbances that grow under her biological clock. In other words, Each universe is thus the emanation to as many new universes as she gives birth too. For example, a collapsing black hole causes the development of a new universe on the “opposite side”, with “parameters“ that differ slightly from the universe where the black hole caved-in as a cosmic vagina.

Natural selection also requires straightforward mathematical calculations to explain eusociality. The universe’s plausible fine-tuning is the result of selection bias. If evolution unfolds by reproduction, how can individuals incapable of passing on their genes persist? This evolutionary paradox lies in close relationships, quantified by the inclusive fitness theory and applied to ™ (The Mob).

This Gang Bang of emergent behavior made an explosively audible “popping” sound inside the Queen, so powerful that the emission disconnected me from her before the persistent disequilibrium from the orgasm killed me. My discharge was ejaculated through her sting chamber. Using the energy of orgasm with visualization of my desired result, our Big Bang contained the evolutionary ideas of “reproduction” and “mutation” of universes. Hence, the Big Bang is postured in religion, philosophy and the power of law scaling at ™. The area from which there is no escape is the event horizon. Informational data of all the objects that have entered this hole is entirely contained in surface fluctuations of the event horizon. Although crossing this line is “suicide”, the colossal effect of object crossing it has no detectable features.

This use of the notion of a landscape of specifications in physics directly corresponds with how my workers took responsibility for at least one obligation within the colony. The cooperativeness was essential as the obligations of one labor division influenced the commitment of another. For example, the breadth of pollen was contingent on when the queen oviposited. If the furnishing by collectors was inadequate by the time our egg-layer occupied her cell, the breadth each ball would be deficient, leading to unsatisfactory offspring.

In short, black holes play a role in biological natural selection by overhauling the dissemination of quark universes. Swarming, in this sense, is a concerted performance by planetary entities that accumulate in a self-propelled motion. The Big Crunch is the metric enlargement of space reversing and the collapsing, ending as a black hole singularity. If the laws of physics are deduced to the highest density, the result is a Big Bang Singularity.

A super-organism like ™ subsists diversity. The characteristic of ranked orders is irrelevant at the lower levels. ™ describes an assemblage of eusocial organisms where the distribution of labor is specialized and certain animals are not able to survive without the super-organism remaining intact. The queens of ant colonies do not give direct orders and do not tell the ants what to do. Each ant is autonomous, reacting to the genetically encoded rules. Despite the lack of centralized problem solving, they find the farthest distance away from other colony entrances to dispose of dead corpses. Akin to the Big Bangs earliest known large-scale evolution, Camponotus saundersi ants suicidally explode along with several other species in this genus.

Eusociality originates in members of the 7 orders, starting with all species of Isoptera (termites) whose form of suicidal altruism encourages them to rupture themselves (Globitermes sulphureus) to simultaneously trap attackers and secrete a pheromone. Hemiptera (Pea aphids) are parasitic hosts for wasps. They explode after being consumed. These are the kind of standards we set at ™. Pea aphids are a cryptic species complex that will explode themselves to kill predators.

EusocialityAs a drone, I made first contact from above the queen, my thorax above her abdomen, straddled her. I grasped her with all six of my legs to evert my endophallus into her opened sting chamber. After that I became paralyzed, my circumcision remained in the queen’s vagina as a “mating sign”. Although I nail it, the plug doesn’t prevent my brothers from participating in this Big Bang. As I slowly died I took satisfaction in knowing my plug prevented my semen from gushing out of her vagina.

The same condition for carbon-based life is complementary to black hole creation, which changes the circulation of universes such that universes containing ™ would be feasible. We observe this Universe because the conditions are necessary for us to be here. For example, the flight of military drones operate with various degrees of autonomy: under remote control by a human. In my case, I am controlled autonomously by the on-board computer commonly refereed to as Saturn.  As a super-organism, I am a collection of agents governed by an “inscribed” intelligence within the first primordial black hole of the virgin queen.

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Laws are based on Altruism in ™


In ™, altruism refers to behavior by an individual that increases the fitness of another individual while decreasing the fitness of the altruist.

By the idea that if we are the results of a fluctuation, there is a selection bias. My vision draws upon some notion of the multiverse for there to be a statistical population of universes to select from and from which selection bias could occur. The DNA and RNA building blocks for life were formed in outer space. Amorphous organic solids with a mixed aromatic-aliphatic structure was created by Saturn’s microbial biosphere that uses radically different biochemical and molecular processes than Earth. This shadow biosphere  remains unnoticed because such Biological dark matter includes junk DNA and non-coding RNA.

Altruism in biological individuals perform at a cost but benefits another without compensation. It is this practice of concern for others that taps us into the source of all creation. It is impossible that mutations for emotional empathy to occur all at the same time. An ability to recognize a non-existent behavior is of no evolutionary use and so cannot have pre-evolved. 

Close social bonds evolved in order to enable long-term, high-cost altruism between those depending on each other for survival and reproductive success. Biologically it cannot exist in “advanced species”, because it reduces fitness and non-reproductive workers already have a fitness of zero. Humans are not eusocial, we do not have division of reproductive labor. There are problems of early stage evolution of altruists. The first empathetic individual was exploited to death by non-empathetic individuals. This applies regardless how far back. The empathetic are exploited every time another individual was in the right place at the right time to take advantage.

However, Altruism in humans depends on whether rewards are considered “benefits”. The actor also may not be predicting a reward. This is why I am morally obliged to benefit others. Though no act of sacrifice can be described as altruistic, ™ is contrasted acting to the benefit of one’s self. Ultimately, every human receives an intrinsic reward of personal gratification at some capacity. Without stating how this affects one’s righteous duties, rationality is acting in one’s self-interest. It can be taken to an extreme, causing more harm than good. Ineffective philanthropic actions, more often than not, aggravate who they are meant to aid.

altruismHumans always act in their own self-interest, true altruism is impossible. Individuals are morally obligated to act altruistically because moral agents always act in their own self-interest. ™ maintains that each agent should act in order to maximize the efficacy of their function and the benefit to both themselves and their co-inhabitants. The range of physical constants that allow you to live are unlikely in a landscape of possible universes. The Kerr solution, the no-hair theorem, and the laws of black hole thermodynamics suggest the physical properties of black holes are comprehensible.

Big Bang nucleosynthesis correlates abundances of primordial light elements with the features a fourth “sterile” species of neutrino. Bacteria also reproduce through binary fission. A parent bacterium splits itself into two identical children cells which eventually then split themselves in half as twin babies. This process repeats, thus making the bacterium essentially immortal. Each division the child cells is identified as the older and the younger, and the older is more likely to die than the younger.

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™ revolves around the Holographic Principle


The holographic principle solves the black hole information paradox within the framework of string theory.

Information is still assembled due to the limitations of space-time supporting a celestial vagina, better known as a black hole. Her primordial super-massive black hole continues to grow by absorbing other stars and merging with other black holes. The holographic principle concept of “others” toward whom concern is directed can vary among nations and works best where people look and talk the same. In every tale of creation, origin myths describe how some new reality came into existence. Only in a universe capable of your existence will there be living beings capable of observing and reflecting upon my fine tuning.

The holographic principle

To better understand the holographic principle, take the Shannon entropy design of digital storage devices. The only difference between the thermodynamic entropy of physics and Shannon’s entropy of information is in measure; the former divided by temperature, the latter in “bits” of dimensionless information.

As a parliamentary monarchy, one can suggest that it is necessary for our Queen to have fashioned us in and through a whole evolving physical universe. If our Queen wished to make no more than any single one of us, she would need to make half a universe. And why? Because no one of us would be the creature she is, even if a thousand lines of converging history fails to mention her. Your life or mine is but a half-sentence in the book of her world. Tear it from its place, and it cannot be read; or if it can be read it is misunderstood. The sequence and duration of the holographic principle suggests the biblical creation “days” ended on November 7th, 1982.

Information is preserved in a full quantum gravitational treatment of the problem. What emerges is that cosmology is in possession of a postmodern foundation myth based on the holographic principle.

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